Premium Broking House SAL has strong contracts with several leading insurance providers in the MENA and GCC region & Worldwide & has answers to any query that you may have on any insurance requirement. Some of the coverages are summarized as per the following:

International Life, Personal Accident & Medical Insurance

In addition to the regular medical insurance coverage that is available in the regional market, this is a very special International medical coverage that we could obtain for VIP’s and top executives in international companies situated either in the region or worldwide and this coverage is obtained mainly from Europe with the best available terms and conditions.

High Valued Cars Insurance

This refers to special coverages for high valued cars and mainly for Aston Martin, Bugatti, Porsches, Ferrari, BMW, etc. or any car valued USD 50,000 and above.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This is a specialized coverage that we could provide for Financial institutions, Engineering Companies or individuals or other business  that would like to cover their profession against faulty design or professional mishandling that would result in damage.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance refers to Cargo shipments in the sea, in the air and in land.

Bankers Blanket Bond (BBB)

This is a specialized insurance coverage for Banks and financial institutions that we could obtain from specialized international insurance companies.

Marine Hull Insurance

We are very well experienced in obtaining coverage for regular vessels for shipping lines, passenger vessels or even specialized vessels such as the electricity generator vessels covering the Hull, Crew and liability.

Property All Risks ‘PAR’ (Fire Insurance)

This is a common Fire Insurance Coverage that could be provided to small shops, residential apartments, industrial sites such as factories and the like.  We strongly recommend our clients to acquire PAR cover for their properties rather than just Fire & Allied Perils.

Engineering Insurance

The MENA, GCC and specifically Iraq at this stage, requires lots of construction projects, several of which are ongoing at this stage with several international and regional Contractors. We have excellent experience in obtaining coverage for most of the major constructions and erection works, such as construction of Roads, towers, power plants, Dams, shopping malls, factories etc. , A complete set of application forms and other information about the contractor should be submitted to underwriters in order for them to have a proper assessment of the project and to provide a competitive quotations.

Medical Malpractice

This refers to covering medical institutions and professional doctors in order to protect their patients against any bad practices or professional mishandling by professional doctors, nurses, etc…

Specialized Yachts Insurance

This is a specialized insurance policy for regular yachts and high valued yachts that we could obtain from very high security reinsurers and with the best conditions and prices available in the international market.


We have a diversified experience in providing coverage for passenger planes and shipping planes in addition to private jets and Helicopters.

Fine Art and collectible insurance

We have a very wide experience in such coverage from the best insurance providers worldwide. Coverage for collectible Paintings, jewelry or any other collectible items could be obtained.