credit, political Risks & political Violence

– Political Violence for Properties
– Terrorism Liability
– Standalone coverage for SRCC
– Political Violence coverage for vehicles
– Political Violence for high valued cars
– Political Violence for Cargo (Marine War)
– Confiscation, Expropriation, Nationalization & Deprivation (CEND)
– Comprehensive Contractor’s Plan (CCP)
– Contract Frustration & Breach of Contract Insurance
– Transfer Disruption Insurance
– Full Personal Accident including Terrorism and Passive War
– Export Credit Insurance
– Structured Credit & Political Risk Insurance
– Mitigation of Trade Risks including non-delivery, non-payment non-honoring of debt instruments and wrongful calling of bonds
– Protection of capital and return on investment for fixed assets
– Risk mitigation and regulatory capital relief for banks
– Political Risk Insurance specifically designed for Lenders
– War & Civil Disturbance
– Non Honoring of Sovereign Obligation
– Performance Bond, Advanced Bond, Tender Bond
– Hijacking & Piracy
– Political Violence & Political Risks for offshore platforms
– Kidnap & Ransom for Marine and Non Marine risks