Karine Cherfane - Interview in Al Bayan (July 2021)

Cyber Insurance is a very specialized & sophisticated product from an underwriting point of view. Covid-19 has increased awareness & demand towards such cover, Premium Broking House is a specialized company aiming to provide a professional reinsurance support and consultancy services in the Insurance and Reinsurance field...

Karine Cherfane - Interview in Al Mourakeb (July 2021)

Believing in the growing importance of Cyber Insurance Ms. Karine Cherfane, Premium Broking House’s Executive Director, in an interview with Al Mourakeb explains the importance of Cyber insurance, and emphasizes on the ability of her company to meet the growing demand of the market with the support of their A rated international Reinsurers. She also talks about Premium’s other projects in Cyprus and their plans for more exposure in the Eastern Europe market.

Cyprus: The new Destination for "PREMIUM FRANCE"

The new year has started with good news for PREMIUM in terms of economics, finance and insurance, and this after a year of crises in the region & the world which affected all sectors, especially the insurance sector. ​A new branch of the Premium France company, which is both the sister company of Premium France and of Premium Broking House in Lebanon, was inaugurated in Cyprus. ​On this subject, the executive director of Premium Broking House Mrs. Karine Cherfane explained the objectives that pushed to open this branch. Firstly, the applicable corporate and operating taxes that are considered one of the lowest in Europe. Secondly, to have a view of the countries of the Middle East & North Africa from a European geographical perspective and thirdly, the geographical position of Cyprus, which is very close to Lebanon, that allows facilitating and enhancing services of Premium Broking House – Lebanon clients’ with regard to communications, financial exchange & geographical proximity.

Premium Broking House تنتصر على الخوف من COVID-19

تحت شعارَيْ “حافظ على سلامتك” ولكن “إبقَ إيجابيًا”، جَمَعَتْ شركة Premium Broking House/Premium France خبراء التأمين في السوق اللبناني المحلي في حديقة L’Appartement في منطقة السيوفي في الأشرفية ليشرب الجميع نخب الحياة التي تظلّ أقوى من الموت، وذلك ضمن شروط السلامة العامة والاجراءات الوقائية الصحيّة. فعلى مدخل الحديقة، وزّع رئيس الشركة جورج بيطار والفريق المتعاون معه على مدعوّيهم، كِمامات الحدّ من الأخطار وطلبوا من الجميع المحافظة على التباعد الاجتماعي لمنع Covid-19 من التسلّل إلى هذه الحفلة التي بدت هادئة وراقية وذات أجواء مريحة للأعصاب لعلّها تكون نموذجًا يُحتذى لشركاتٍ أخرى، تأمينيّة وغير تأمينية، لا تزال تتخوّف من التجمّعات، فيما المطلوب الانتصار على الخوف.

Georges Bitar: 2021 will be a devastating year for the insurance sector

The global insurance and reinsurance market are totally affected by Covid-19. In global countries, we can feel the difference. In Lebanon, it’s more difficult regarding the devastating economic crisis that occurred over the past months. Moreover, the Beirut explosion of 4th August 2020, made a huge impact on all Lebanese sectors including the insurance industry. To know more about the coverage of insurance to the victims of Beirut Blast and the reinsurers attitude, the magazine ”Ta’amine wa Masaref” interviewed the CEO of Premium Broking House Mr. Georges Bitar.